So today I had a case of writer’s block.  Not the overwhelming, months to years-long drag in creativity that makes an artist want to pull her hair out and get all Medusa on you.  Just a simple case of creative congestion… kind of like a mid afternoon traffic jam, or a pesky booger… that’s a little too far up the nasal passage for you to pick.

And… for a second I felt a twinge offreak out coming on.

AHHHH!  What am I gonna do!  It’s the end of the world and there’s no way out!! I’m gonna die!!!

It may sound extreme… and certainly qualifies for ridiculous…, but the truth is that a lot of my daily feelingsare that insane and do feel that powerful, especially when I’m in the thick of em.  So, if you’re like me… recovering from severe creative expression repression and dealing with a mental-emotional apparatus that is kind of like what the tail is to human evolution- absolutely EXTINCT! – you kind of get used to your brain’s temper tantrums and you learn how to take a breather… even if you have to open your mouth to do it (pesky little booger blockade!)

Here’s a suggestion for what one might say in such a time…

God help.

Simple as that.

Then, be still.


A lot of times this is where I drop the ball.  I can’t seem to make stillness and silence my friend.  There’s still this little twinge of anxiety coursing through my dinosaur mind that makes me want to run.

Flight or fight, damn it!

But certainly, there’s got to be another way…

Luckily, God is compassionately aware of my baby bird wings when it comes to meditative states, and graciously offers me “training wheels” for all my cosmic voyages.  Sometimes they come in the form of a friend, a stranger’s helping hand, a book that says just what I need to hear, or a bumper sticker that makes my day and helps me see the world in a new way.  Today, He gave me… a bus ride!


Why don’t you ride the bus, Kara?

Not to get anywhere.  Just simply because it’s fun.


And I felt Fran zip with joy!

So, I packed up my purse with prayer beads, iphone, and journal in hand, and… with $1.50 for the fare around town… I made my way to the bus stop, simply to enjoy the ride.

A very sweet exuberance immediately began to grace my spirit.

Hahaha God! You are too much! Only You would think to ride the bus for fun!

But the truth is… God knows.

God knows me so intimately.  He’s completely aware that moving vehicles are to me like what the shower was to my senior English teacher, Mrs. Herzog…

“I always get my lesson plans in the shower.  That’s where I get all the best ideas.”

Well, for me… its’ cars, or trains, or buses, or planes.  Anything moving fast, and I’m there… picking up good vibrations from the cosmos!

I’ve heard the same goes for Spielberg… he gets all his best ideas in the car.  Well, what can I say… Great minds think alike!

So, there I am, cruising around Charleston, people watching, chanting mantras, and enjoying the faint smell of Fall, which has just begun to grace the air here… and I’ve long since left my writer’s block in the dust!  My journal’s full of new ideas, as the Shakti rises up my spine from all the mantras, and I feel sweet, happy, and free as a bird, when it suddenly occurs to me… as I look at all the tired, weather-beaten workers loading on and off the bus, and I think about how they are probably all going to go home and grab a six pack or light up a fatty to numb the stress of their long days and their dinosaur minds…

If they only knew, you don’t have to do drugs to get high!

It’s true- you don’t!  And I’m not talking about a simple “feel good” feeling here.  I’m talking about the actual physiological effects of many drugs… you can create all of them, including the trippy LSD experiences and the heroine addict’s euphoria, without all the messy come downs and the hang overs… simply from applied techniques in the spiritual science of consciousness… aka: yoga…Union with God!

For someone like me, who spent years chasing the drug high to ease the stress of my dinosaur mind, this revelation is like, Willy Wonka Wonderful, to say the least.

So then, upon this revelation, I look up beaming, and accidentally catch the eye of a young guy who’s just stepped on the bus with “player” written all over him. He immediately takes my eye contact to mean, Let’s do it. And I’m thinking, Oh no! As he’s smiling back at me with a, Hey girl, whatchyou doin’?

I was so taken aback by his initiating conversation… I had been on the bus for over an hour and in that whole time, though I was chanting mantras out loud, no one had seemed to notice me or try to talk to me. I still had quite a bit of Shakti moving up my spine and was genuinely in another dimension of consciousness… so when he spoke to me, I actually found myself tongue-tied and couldn’t respond.

What’s the matter?

You busy?

Can’t talk?

Need to be silent today?

Smiling, I shake my head in the affirmative at his last statement, and close my eyes.

After a moment, he looks at me and says,

Must be nice.

I immediately open my eyes, and it’s like this force is speaking for me, as I say,

Did you know, you don’t have to do drugs to get high?

And like a well-trained orchestra responding to the conductor’s cue, the guy gets up from his seat and moves two rows back towards me…

How so? he says.

Well, there are techniques, I say.

Scientific techniques from ancient cultures, which, if you practice them, activate subtle energy centers in the body, producing very similar effects to many common drugs, only much better because they don’t hurt you or give you hang overs.

He’s looking at me now, marvelingbut he’s still got that undercurrent of energy going, like this is just a game of pick up lines we’re playing, so I say…

But I don’t think you’re really interested in all that.  I think you just want to talk to me because you want to pick me up.

And he immediately gets defensive, but then he stops.

Well, you are attractive, he says, and then he glances up at my hair, which is all wild and disheveled and uncombed…and adds, very slowly… in a different kind of way.

And I’m a man… so yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

But then you said, you know how to get high without getting high.

Those words rang through my ears… get high without getting high… I smiled.

He goes on, And now I’m interested.  I want to know what you mean.  Can you teach me these techniques really quickly?  Like explain them or write one down for me?

I paused for a moment and was about to say no, when I found myself saying, “Well, for instance, I was just saying mantras…

And then I gave him a very brief explanation of the practice of mantra, and how words in theSanskrit language resonate with energy centers in the body, producing certain frequencies.  And how you can learn certain combinations of words to activate different qualities or powers of consciousness. Then I told him a little bit about how I used to do other drugs to get these effects, and I was just amazed that I didn’t need the drugs anymore.  No one ever told me you could this.  Nothing.  Not school.  Not my parents.  Not my church. No one.

And then he looks at me, and his whole demeanor has changed.  He’s much more “real with me” now…

He’s says, did you ever get into crystal?

And I say, No, but I’ve tried other things.

And he just nods, and says, I smoked a joint with my boy before getting on the bus.

Sometimes I do this seeking thing you speak of… you know, looking for another way, but I never stick with it long.

Then he adds… Are you sure you can’t teach me one of these techniques real fast?

But his stop has arrived, and he’s getting up to leave as he’s making the request.

Don’t worry. I say. If you really want to learn, it will come to you again.

Yeah, he says, like I’ll see you around?

I smile, Or you’ll see other me’s.

And as he’s packing up his stuff, I add…

None of this is real you know?  It’s just like a video game.  We play our characters for a while and then its game over.

And he smiles very warmly at me and says, “Oh, but its a little bit more real than that.

And then he gets off the bus…

But I’m left here smiling…”high” as a kite!

No it’s not!

And I wonder if he’ll ever learn to get high without getting high…


And that, my friends, is how God turns a stuffy, stubborn, creatively-blocked dinosaur-brain-of-an-ordinary-day, into a truly magical, cosmic experience!

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