Kara’s Great Whale Dream

At the beginning of 2009, I had a striking dream…

Text of the dream available below.

In the dream, a great whale was beached and dying. All of humanity was lined up along the cliffs of the shores of a Great Ocean watching it happen.  Every single person on Earth was there, like a long line of infinity, stretching as far as the eye could see- left to right.  There was a profound silence. It was as if the entire human race had been struck dumb.  We watched, helpless, as this Great Being died- we were speechless… empty… still… unable to move or do anything to save her.

Suddenly, from among our ranks- there was movement!  Certain people along the long line of human infinity began jumping off the cliffs and running into the ocean to save this Creature!  I looked to my left and looked to my right and saw the sprinkling of their bodies, blowing off the mass of men into the sky, like dandelion seeds on the back of a Great Breath.  I felt this Breath rise in me, and was filled with such a Spirit of joy and exuberance, that I threw up my hands and jumped too! A red parachute carried me safely to the beach, and I ran and ran and ran, feeling more alive than I had ever felt in my entire life.  When I reached the back of the whale, I placed my hands on her and began to pray.

“Oh, Holy Ancient One…”

The back of the whale was covered in red.  Deep, red seaweed.  And as I looked around  to see the people who had come to Her rescue, I noticed that they were all… women.


Whales are the keepers of the Earth’s history.  As such, they contain within them a vast realm of wisdom that is vitally necessary to the spiritual evolution of humanity and to the planet at large.

Whales share their wisdom with humanity through their song, which they sing eternally for us, ever reminding humanity of who we are, where we’ve been and ultimately how to get back to where we are from… which is God.  The humpback whales sing the same song in chorus on their journey up and down their migration lines upon the Earth.  Each year, they add a new verse to their song, to account for the progress the planet has made, under humanity’s stewardship, for that year.

The Whale- this beautiful, sacred creature- provides humanity with such exquisite service!  They can teach us to tap into our intuitive knowledge, creativity, and the vast wisdom of our ancestors.  Furthermore, the Great Whale is an actual embodiment of what has been lost to the modern world.  Without a spiritual understanding of the nature of life on Earth, humanity does not have a hope of tackling the global problems that are currently threatening the survival of the many species on our planet- including our own!

Saving the wisdom of the Great Whale is thus key to evolving a sustainable culture of peace and prosperity on Earth.

Women have been entrusted with the great task of doing just that- That’s the good news!For the first time in recorded history, “the savior” is coming in female form! (Actually, a number of different female forms to be exact…)woman-symbol

That’s right, there are groups of souls, most of them in female bodies, who arekey leaders to the reconstruction of human society on Earth.  These women are spiritually-connected powerhouses of compassion, each of them arrayed with a multitude of other gifts and the spiritual backing of the entire Universe to accomplish their life’s goal.