Waking Beauty is a multi-media services and production company dedicated toawakening the Feminine Heart and Creative Spirit of humanity and inspiring a New Age of Truth and Love in human society on Earth.


The Waking Beauty company was founded in 2010 by Creative Director, Kara Gilligan, as a natural extension of her own awakening to the Divine Reality of Love within herself and all things.

Waking Beauty is a multi-media services and production company.

Waking Beauty creates and produces the following forms of media:

Books, Websites, Graphics, Films, Blogs, Vlogs, Poetry, Art, Sound, Copywriting, Ads, Animation… An Internet TV Show

The Waking Beauty company employs media as a tool for shaping and awakening Divine consciousness in humanity.  It’s approach is three-fold:

1.) Waking Beauty produces its own books, music, films, blogs, websites, and shows that are entertaining, educational, and inspirational means of awakening the collective human Heart.

2.) Waking Beauty collaborates with other individuals and businesses who are bringing inspirational, new visions of reality into human society, producing graphics, media, and marketing schemes for these clients.

3.) Waking Beauty uses the media channels it creates (such as Waking Beauty iTV and the Waking Beauty Blog) to promote clients and other ethically conscious businesses, with the aim that, by working together in unity, we can rapidly bring about a new level of Conscious Awareness in human society and create the social and economic structures to support this new level of Awareness as a working reality on Earth.

Thus… Waking Beauty creates and produces unique media products to meet humanity’s growing need for spiritually-based entertainment and educational resources.

And… You can hire Waking Beauty to generate beautiful media products, services, and creative solutions for your evolving business or creative venture!


Waking Beauty’s mission is to awaken the Feminine Heart and Creative Spirit of humanity, collaborating with kindred spirits to inspire and build a New Age of Truth and Love in human society on Earth.

Business Practices

Waking Beauty aims to be socially responsible to its relationship to All Life, at every level of its business practices, with the understanding that the common welfare of people, animals, plants, trees, birds, the environment, ecosystems, and all the manifold life forms of the Earth, including the Earth, Herself, is at stake at this evolutionary juncture in humanity’s journey into Godhood on the planet.

Waking Beauty therefore posits the following Common Welfare Tradition, as a general guide for its business practices:

The common welfare comes first.  The company’s profits depend upon its profitable contribution* to All Life, including people, plants, trees, animals, ecosystems, all life forms, and the Earth, Herself.

*Profitable Contribution is defined as a spiritually rewarding enhancement of life, and operates to the extent that individuals in the company can open to recognizing such forms of enhancement at any level of the company’s business practices and generate the means to produce said enhancement in any given business situation.

The Common Welfare Tradition should be at work at all levels of the company’s manifestation, including its purpose, products, production, packaging, communication methods, business relationships, and the quality with which it provides and cares for its human resources, manages its assets, properties, and generates models for expansion and growth.


Waking Beauty aims to align its business practices with this tradition, in an ever-evolving manner, to meet the current needs of Collective Consciousness.  The company hopes to model for other people, businesses, organizations, groups and institutions how they can “wake up” and do the same.

Media Ethos

Waking Beauty respects the value and the power of media diversity in our modern age as an incredible tool for shaping the collective consciousness of humanity.  Waking Beauty seeks, first and foremost, to be a vessel for media exchange that is spiritually beneficial and uplifting to humanity.  This is our primary purpose. We disseminate knowledge, entertain and provide the opportunity for exchange of consciousness through media at the level of God for humanity’s highest good.

What does this mean?

In short, our media productions are infused with levels of Abundance that are uncommon and could possibly be labeled “extraordinary” within the traditional model of the American media industry because they are derived from and are produced through Spirit, Grace, Cosmic Consciousness, or Divine Benediction, whatever you would like to call it.

The ultimate spiritual Reality is the Divine Union of All Life- Wholeness, Peace, Freedom, Truth, and Love.  From this epicenter of Consciousness, formally known in human society as “God,” spring forth infinite forms of Beauty that are inexhaustible in their supply.  This is formally known as “Abundance.”

By aligning the function of our company with the Divine Reality of God, Waking Beauty opens to receiving infinite forms of Beauty as Abundance to be shared with the collective consciousness of humanity, for the betterment of all life on Earth.


Waking Beauty is completely and utterly devoted to awakening the Feminine Intelligence of humanity and empowering women to pursue their creative dreams, living the authentic Truth of their Heart, Soul and Inner Being in the world.


Because the Masculine / Feminine polarity of the earth plane has become imbalanced through human society’s (especially Western society’s) energetic repression of the Feminine.

The Feminine is defined as both the intuitive, empathetic, nurturing, and creative capacity of allhuman beings, as well as the female body of our race (i.e. women), whose power has historically been relegated to the home or inner life of human society.

Therefore, the outer society that the current generation has inherited, was largely formed through the imbalanced influence of Masculine dominated energy- strength, protection, competition and intellectualism.  The imbalance has resulted in a crippling of the collective Consciousness to effectively meet the Universal challenge for peace and happiness on our planet.  The effects it has had on our social codes, economic organizations, government bodies, systems of education, cultural belief systems, entertainment industries and our individual perspectives/emotional bodies is staggering and could be written about ad infinitum.  The most critical embodiment of the imbalance, however, is humanity’s wounded relationship with Mother Nature.


Waking Beauty’s goal is to raise the energetic expression of Feminine Intelligence at all levels of human society, so that the world can be brought back into balance and Mother Nature can be saved from any further destruction.

Waking Beauty supports women taking active leadership roles at all levels of human society, especially in the economic/material/outer world.

Waking Beauty believes that a healthy balance of Feminine and Masculine Wisdom in our material organization as a species on the planet will rapidly allow the economic structure of reality to evolve into a mutual, supportive relationship with “Nature”… both Mother Nature and our true, inner Nature as human beings.

In the coming Age, it is the Feminine side of our Being who will emerge to the center of reality, thus creating a new culture on Earth based in empathetic understanding of our connection to all life, to the planet, and to each other.  The Masculine essence of Creation will then become the loving, strengthening support for the Feminine that it was always intended to be.  This is the proper energetic alignment of Consciousness for world peace.

The rebalancing of the Feminine and Masculine polarities of Creation entails a harmonizing, orunion, of the two Aspects of Our Being in the collective Consciousness.  It is not that the Feminine is better than the Masculine, or vice versa.  In Reality, they are even beyond being equal… they are actually ONE.

The ONENESS of the Feminine and the Masculine in an advanced state of God known as Love.


Waking Beauty’s iconography is rich and light, mystical and compelling, yet quirky, creative and completely endearing at the same time.

Explore our symbology chart below to learn more about the deeper significance behind our company’s aesthetic.  We are pretty amazed by the perfection of it all.


Waking Beauty is more than a creative studio, production company, or graphic design/PR firm, though it embodies these aspects of the traditional business model.

Waking Beauty is a movement.

We are a company founded in Spirit, and we strive to bring the Divine purpose of Life into all we do.

At Waking Beauty, our aim is to make your dreams come true, in the process, creating a beautiful new reality of life on Earth.

That’s why we say…