Doesn’t it seem sometimes like everybody on Earth is constantly searching for “True Love“?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t really interested in finding a partner, some who feel they have completed the quest, other who might have been hurt and hardened their hearts to romantic relationships, and still yet others who are very focused on a job or a project and “don’t have the time” for a relationship.

But you gotta admit, even taking these populations out of the equation, there is still a large part of our society constantly searching for “that special someone,” and a large part of our media, entertainment and commercial industries devoted to capitalizing on this search in the collective consciousness.

Have you ever wondered why this is? Beyond the whole “be fruitful and multiply” thing… have you ever wondered what the spiritual reason is behind the “True Love” search?

In the spiritual sense, True Love is the state from which we all came in God.  And if you remember correctly, when God “divided” Himself up, so to speak, to make Creation, the Divine Being split its Being into a Masculine and a Feminine Energy of Consciousness. So, when all the souls of the Universe were created, they were originally created in Masculine/Feminine pairs.   Sometimes these pairs are called “twins” or “twin flames.”

Twin Flames are, in fact, identical souls, except one maintains the Feminine frequency of consciousness and the other maintains the Masculine frequency… Lover and Beloved.

Now, all of us unconsciously remember our Union with our Twin Flame in God.  In Spirit, we arenever really apart from our “twin.” All twin souls are perennially joined as One in spiritual Beingness. However, because we identify so strongly with our physical form while we are alive on Earth, we experience ourselves as being “separate” or “not whole.”

Because of this unconscious feeling of separateness and our longing to feel “whole” again, a lot of people seek the feeling of “wholeness” through “that special someone”.  Hence the age-old search for “True Love!”

But we can never really find our wholeness through another person, even if they are our “twin flame” or “soulmate.” Why?  Because we would still be identifying with the material reality of separateness, which is false.

The true solution to the whole scenario is to go within ourselves, access the True Spiritual Reality of our Being in God, and annihilate the unconscious feeling of separateness.  That produces a new level of consciousness in ourselves, in which we know… as in we completely experience and live from the place… that we are loved, whole, and perfect beyond measure.  Then, everything around us, and everyone around us, becomes an expression of True Love!!!