Energetically, the Sacred Feminine is a Negative Reality.

This does not mean “negative” as in “bad“…

It simply means Negative…as in the energetic complement to the Divine Masculine, which is Positive!


The relationship between the Masculine and the Feminine is like the charges of an atom- Positive-Negative.  The force of their attraction creates Energy! Movement! Electricity! Life!

Before the Universe came into existence, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine were ONE SUPREME BEING… which, for language’s sake, we shall call GOD.  And GOD existed in a perpetual state of the most Ardent, Devout, Supreme Love!

Remember a moment when you felt a love so strong, it felt like you heart was being pierced and a flood of tears came to your eyes… maybe when your child was born, or when you first made love to your husband or wife, or when you saw something so beautiful in nature…it took your breath away, or maybe as you held your beloved friend’s hand upon his death bed, and looked into his eyes…  This most closely approximates the state That GOD Is and Ever Is, ForeverMore…

GOD still exists in this Ultimate State, because GOD exists perennially in Ultimate Perfection outside the limitations of Universal Space Time. That’s what makes GOD, GOD!

However, within the fabric of Universal Space Time, we experience GOD in a seemingly divided state, which has given birth to a division of Consciousness and a Great Multiplicity of energies known as Life.

All the Multiplicity of Energies of Creation came into existence through the “separation” of God’s Love.  It was almost as if God became two polarities… the Lover and the Beloved… the Negative and the Positive Charges of the atom. It is the force between these two charges, the energy created through the eternal dance of their Electric Love, which manifests the millions of Eons of Space Time, known as the Universe.


The Feminine is the Negative Polarity in this Cosmic Love Affair.

She manifests a quality that is similar to “emptiness,”  while Her Beloved manifests the quality of “that which is full.”

In the Hebrew tradition (which cradled the birth of Divine Masculine-oriented spiritualism) the word for GOD is YAHWEH, meaning “I am That I am.” It is a self-reflexive statement…meaning,it is of itself communicating the totality of a Positive State of Beingness.  That is the Masculine.

The Feminine, in her quality as “no-thingness,” is energetically like a great void that holds the “every-thingness” her Beloved Is.


  • Mother is the Universe itself, while Father is the Light, twinkling inside Her.
  • Mother is the Earth, holding her children, while Father is the Sun, shining upon them.
  • Mother is the Lover, actively moving energy from Her devotion, while Father is the Beloved, passively holding Himself as the One to be Adored.

Because Mother’s quality exists in a state of “no-thingness,” Her Divinity is more esoteric than her Beloved’s.  As such, it has been less palatable to the Masculine-oriented culture of the West, which overly rewards the expression of the emphatic and the concrete.

I came, I saw, I conquered! I think, therefore I am!

In reality, however, Mother’s Divinity is equal in nature to the Father’s.  In fact, rather than think of the two polarities as separate entities… humanity should realize that they are really two sides of the same coin… which is GOD’s Love… eternally working together to form the energy That IS Universal Consciousness.


For spiritual seekers, in order to reach advanced states of GOD, human consciousness must become highly Feminized.

Meaning, it empties itself of everything.

Jesus called this, “dying to oneself.”

The ego and all the manifestations and attachments it has to material world phenomenon get consumed in Mother’s Emptiness.

All that remains in consciousness is a void waiting to be filled with the Beloved Light of Realization

Therefore, it is Mother’s Divinity that manifests in the longing to reach God, and it is through Mother’s Divinity that one is given the Power to get there!


The reunion of the Lover with the Beloved… the infusion of the Negative and Positive charges of Creation… manifests in a Power far superior to the current de-structive practice of atomic fusion.

If this level of consciousness can be Realized, the human being becomes living GOD, experiencing a pristine state of Beingness that is beyond Universal Space Time.

All Knowing.  Omnipotent.  Creator of the Universe.

This is the potential of a human life.


While most souls on Earth are not necessarily ready yet to enter into this advanced level of GOD Consciousness, many of the problems that we currently face as a society could be significantly healed through rebalancing the forces of Creation by honoring our Feminine Divinity.

This means honoring Our Mother, in all Her forms, and honoring our own Inner Mother Nature!

Mother’s Nature is intuitive, caring, nurturing, empathetic, and creative. It is also very wild.

Her form as Mother Earth should be humanity’s most pressing objective to care for…

When humanity learns to love and respect its Mother and nurture its own inner Mother Nature, our suffering as a species will be greatly lessened and we will make evolutionary leaps and bounds towards creating a true and lasting world peace.