Sexuality on Earth, in plants, animals, trees, and human beings, is a reflection of the Divine wholeness of God’s love.

Every speck of life on Earth, including rocks, is knowingly or unknowingly striving to realize God Consciousness.

God’s Consciousness is one of Unity, but in the Great Play of life in the material world, we experience a “separation” of God’s consciousness into multiple forms of energy.  That energy, according to the law of duality which governs the material world, must take either male or female form.

Sex is the physical act of union which most closely approximates the state of God’s immortal Being.  Therefore, it is through the physical act of sex between male and female bodies, of whatever species, that new life forms are brought forth into Creation.

Sex is, therefore, an incredibly sacred act, that not only honors the Ultimate Truth that underlies the Unity of All Life, but is also the driving force behind the whole of Creation realizingthis Truth.

In this day and age, most everybody is familiar with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution- that the Earth and all Her species are evolving life forms and that human beings have inherited their current form through the genetic evolution of primates, and the long line of organic mutations in vegetable and animal states before then.  Though there are some holes in Darwin’s perspective on the process, in many ways he hit the nail smack dab on the head!  All life forms on Earth are, in fact, connected, and consciousness is evolving through the expression of these many forms into realizing the Pristine State of Beingness from which it came.

In light of this realization, sex can be seen as this great unconscious force, propelling Creation forward to realize its ultimate destiny.  If you listen closely enough to the energy of sex, you can almost hear Mother Nature whispering the Great Secret of Life…

Human Sexuality

We are actually designed to experience ourselves as the Supreme Consciousness that created all Life!The human form is the first form in the evolution of Consciousness that is fully capable of realizing the “Great Secret of Life,” which is the Divine Unity of All things in God…as God!

This is what it means to be “made in the image and likeness of God!

However, it takes many incarnations of a soul through the human form before the consciousness is prepared to experience this Divine Reality.

Because the human form is intended to be a vessel for pure God Consciousness, it is also the first form in the evolution of Nature that is capable of completely transcending sexual consciousness.

This means that human beings not only have the potential to transmute our sexual consciousness into the Light of realizing full God Consciousness, but human beings also have the potential to completely transcend the need for sex altogether, in terms of procreation.  It may be hard to believe, but it has been demonstrated by advanced souls, like the Mother of Christ, who brought her son into the world through conscious contact with God, alone.

The practice of celibacy, which has a long spiritual history in many religious traditions… is specifically designed to sublimate the sexual energy of the body into the Consciousness of Supreme Realization.

However, it has to noted that the practice of celibacy, and certainly the practice of immaculate conception, are not going to be reasonable, or even feasible, paths for most people.

Therefore, sexuality remains an ever present and powerful aspect of the human experience of life that must be effectively channeled into loving, conscious, creative forms that express the spiritual mystery to which the act points- the Divine Unity of All Life in God’s Love- if we are to create a healthy human society on Earth.


Unfortunately, the ancestral beliefs of our culture around sex were heavily colored by a fearful,negative, and repressive attitude toward our own sexuality, which was reinforced by religious traditions and social codes of behavior.

There is a large difference between sublimating sexual energy, which requires a conscious, loving partnership with our inner Divine Nature, along with specific spiritual practices to be effective, and repressing the energy completely, which allows it to be controlled by dark forces.

After a sustained period of our ancestors repressing their own sexuality, humanity found that it could no longer repress “Mother Nature” any longer, and it began to act out on the opposite end of the spectrum, profiteering the hedonistic display of pleasure-seeking sexual consciousness that dominates our culture today.

Both ends of the spectrum- sexual repression and hedonistic display of our sexual natures- are two sides of the same disease, which is humanity’s deep confusion around sex, which results from a lack of spiritual awareness on the subject within ourselves.

In all honesty, it behooves humanity to recognize sex as an unconscious force within us that must, ultimately, be transcended.  However, in the meantime, we must cultivate a compassionate, loving, humble, and accepting awareness of our sexual nature, allowing ourselves to experience this aspect of our being as a gift that has come to teach us many lessons.

Creating family structures around sacred sexual partnerships in such an aura ofTrue Love, produces healthy, balanced children and allows the evolution of humanity to continue in harmony, peace, and prosperity.When the energy of sexual consciousness (no matter how base or provocative it may seem) is met with graciousness, honor, and self-respect, the energy naturally rises to the level of our hearts, blossoming into an experience of True Love that is very beneficial to our beings and to the people around us!