Do you ever wish that life came with an instruction manual?

An explanation of how this whole “shebang” works?

Have you ever wondered what you really are?

Where you came from?

And where you’re going?

Do you ever question the purpose of life?

Who made this world, anyways?

And have you ever wonder if you have a greater purpose?


Let me tell you, it seems pretty rational, that people would want to know these types of  things, as they start on on the great adventure called life.  And, as is perennially proved by our little batches of “mini-me’s”… hintI’m talking about children here… kids really do begin life asking these kinds of questions.  Kids want to know who they are.  Where it all came from.  Why it is the way is is and much more!

Most of us began life that way… and some of us were blessed with the Grace to carry that deeper curiosity and wonderment into our later years.  But many people forget.  They forget to probe into the nature of Reality, the nature of themselves… they forget to discover who they really are and what the true purpose of life is.  They begin to live life according to a set of superimposed rules… and most of the time they don’t even know where these rules came from!

That’s how all the magic gets zapped out of life.  Then, life begins to feel stale, and boring, and dry. But life is truly beautiful!  And it is meant to be lived in happiness… filled with magical beauty, wonder, love and so much fun!


So, Waking Beauty is speaking to the child within all of humanity when we say that…

Yes, little one, your questions are important.  They do have answers.  There is a purpose to all this, and you, my dear, play a very important part. We want to help you discover what that part is.  We want to help you realize who you really are.  There is a basic instruction manual to this gig called life, and we want to help you find it! The thing is, though, that you’ll have to go deep within your very self to realize what it is, and you’ll have to follow your heart to find the truth.  We’re with you all the way, but it’s up to you to do this!

Here, let us tell you a story. We think you’ll like it.  Maybe it will help you remember?  Or maybe it will help you begin!  Whatever the case, have heart, little one, and be brave!  It’s a lot wilder- both within and without- than you think! Coincidentally, my child, it’s also a lot more fun!