This is where I come in!  Why?  Because if it wasn’t for me, Kara would never have gotten the courage to step out there and live her Divine Life’s Purpose.  I was begging her for years to let me out!  To create a space for me to play!  But she wouldn’t listen!  She didn’t believe in herself enough, and she kept living her life to suit other people, and it was making her feel really really depressed!  So, finally, she surrendered- and Here I Am!!

Now I’m going to explain to everyone else, just like I did to Kara, why it is so so sooooo important for people to live their Divine Life’s Purpose while they are alive…

So, first things first…Let’s cover The Universal Law of Karma

Law of Karma

“Karma” is an Eastern term.  It means “actions” or “deeds.”

Essentially, there are two kinds of karma we create in life.  Positive karma- or karma that is in alignment with who we really are… which is God!  And Negative karma- or karma that is not in alignment with who we really are… hnot in alignment with God.